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Eleanor Copp

imageWelcome to my website, here I explain about the work I do , about my Private Practice and the services I offer.

I am a Hypnotherapist and Bowen Technique Practitioner in the South West. My Practice started in 1997 as a reflexologist and continued to grow in 2003 when I trained in HypnoBirthing. I work with Individuals, Couples and Children.

I have a column in Juno magazine, a family orientated magazine. 

Follow me on TwitterI am also an NHS Midwife and have been in practice since 1993.

My work has several aspects: 

Non birth work and Birth work.

Hypnosis for birth
I have been working with couples teaching HypnoBirthing classes, 1 to 1 and in groups for 10 years.

It has become very much more mainstream and accepted during this time, and is understood and accepted as a safe and well researched way to support Wellbeing during pregnancy and for birth.

Relaxing daily is beneficial for us all but specifically in pregnancy it becomes important because the a baby's development is altered  according to levels of stress or relaxation Mother experiences.

The brilliance of hypnosis is that we can use apply it to any situation, so it always has relevance and it always helps.

Mindset and attitude help us make sense of our experience, and hypnosis helps with gaining perspective and gives us an ability to understand what we can control, rather than what we cannot.

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I am a Hypnotherapist and work with Men and Women of all ages who have worries and behaviours which limit their lifestyle. This includes all types of anxiety and Phobia from flying to needles, heights and enclosed spaces. Sometimes other people don’t understand what having a phobia feels like and talking about however ridiculous it sounds is a great beginning to dealing with it. Once we start taking action, we feel better.

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As a Bowen Technique Practitioner I work with babies and children to adults of all ages. Bowen is a hands on, non invasive technique which is extremely relaxing and which can provide lasting relief from acute or chronic condition.

Trauma Work
I have trained with Babette Rothschild on working with trauma and this can be a great help if a birth was experienced as traumatic. 

I am a specialist advisor for the national hypnotherapy council on the area of pregnancy and childbirth. I have worked with students in all 3 years of their midwifery degree on the topic of "managing stress and anxiety at work" in universities across the south west. I have co -run training days for qualified Midwives on the same theme and continue to work 1:1 with Midwives. Do contact me if you would like to know more about this work.

I love working in this way and am always happy to talk the goals of therapy through before a commitment is made.  

If you are interested in contacting me either click the contact me tab and send me a message or call me on 07929857608.

I work collaboratively with many local practitioners and welcome enquiries. 



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Mobile: 07929 857608
mail: eleanor@relaxedparenting.co.uk

Clinics in Taunton and Bristol
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