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Birth Work

I work with Women and couples in pregnancy and following their births. The work is centred around building confidence and strength of mind and body and the relationship with the baby. Pregnancy and birth tend to be more manageable and enjoyable when our body feels comfortable and energised. For example ankle swelling, carpel tunnel, sore back and pelvic pain are all helped by Bowen, and anxiety is addressed through talk and visualisation. 

I teach about normal birth, the physiology of the labour process and the babes journey alongside using self hypnosis to manage worry and stress. 

This is psychological, emotional and physical preparation however you want and need it. 

Babys Position 

By relaxing Mother (and although there are never any guarantees), babies have adopted best positions for birth at the end of pregnancy after experiencing Bowen.  


Trauma is a word used a lot these days as awareness and recognition of what it means, and how it manifests in us grows. My work is with Mothers and Fathers and Midwives who have experienced trauma personally or vicariously as a  witness. 

The purpose of the work is to find resolution and acceptance after a memorised shock and an  experience which created terror and extreme fear. This is approached gently  via Bowen and Hypnotherapy and unique to every situation. 


New parents do have to adapt to sleep disturbances and changes and this can be exhausting. I work with Mothers to improve their quality of sleep, and simultaneously to manage any anxiety with coping as a new Mother whether the baby is a first or fourth. 

Smoking in pregnancy

I have worked with women in pregnancy keen to stop their habit of smoking. The motivation to quit is high during pregnancy for many reasons, and having support to stop is extremely beneficial. 

Post Pregnancy and Birth pain 

The hormonal changes in pregnancy and the changes the body adapts to so brilliantly  as the baby grows week by week and then descends  can leave discomfort  following the birth , specially in the coccyx, pelvis and lower back. It is important not to let this go unaddressed. See www.pelvicpartnership.org.uk which explains in great detail why. 

I work with great results in supporting the body back to normality and comfort.


Scars heal in very different ways for lots of reasons. Sometimes adhesions can form under the scar where the muscles and skin have healed together. Bowen can help reduce scar pain and discomfort.

Breast Feeding

Feeding can take some time to establish and maintain a milk supply alongside feeling  comfortable, confident and intuitive about your baby. With all my 4 children the feeding was a different experience as the baby was different.
See liz Gunn infant feeding specialist and Midwife  www.healthy-babies-org.uk for info and support.

Bowen can help with breast discomfort, engorgement and mastitis by working on the lymphatic system and the blood supply. Feeding can lead us to  get stiff backs, arms and necks because of postitions we use repetitively so  it is also rejuvenating to have an opportunity to address fatigue which can accumulate by receiving Bowen.

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Mobile: 07929 857608
mail: eleanor@relaxedparenting.co.uk

Clinics in Taunton and Bristol

CD How to have a Brilliant Birth


Click here for my NEW CD How to have a Brilliant Birth Click here for my NEW CD How to be a Relaxed Parent

Click here for my NEW CD How to have a Brilliant Birth Click here for my NEW CD How to be a Relaxed Parent