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Mind and Body:

I work as a mind/body integrative therapist. This means I am able to support you with emotional and physical symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is a useful way to manage stress and anxiety, or indeed any unwanted habit. It is very helpful for overcoming phobia, and for reaching a goal which has previously felt out of reach.

Hypnosis is not to be feared, it is a gentle process of relaxation and visualisation which allows the mind to take on new and beneficial information.

I have made cd's which can be used alongside therapy or by themselves.

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For more information about the National Council of Hypnotherapy click here.

Bowen Technique

Bowen is a type of body work which involves slow, specific and gentle moves on areas of the body exhibiting strain and discomfort . It is extremely relaxing and effective.

It is best done lying down on a couch. For best results wear swimwear or vest and leggings.

For more information go to the Bowen Technique association click here and John Wilks has plenty of you tube clips which explain more.

NCH and RCN Logos

Mobile: 07929 857608
mail: eleanor@relaxedparenting.co.uk

Clinics in Taunton and Bristol
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