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CD: How to have a Brilliant Birth

How to have a Brilliant Birth CDListening to this cd will enable you to feel more in control of your life everyday and more relaxed during the pregnancy and approach to birth, this means that you will be emotionally happier and physically healthier.

it is designed to support the developing relationship between mother and baby, and is a wonderful opportunity to have time together each day, to feel  that this is actually a wonderful part of your life and to release any stress or tension building up inside you.

How to have a Brilliant Birth - pregnancy relaxation CD
Price: £10 plus £1.50 postage and packing. Total to pay = £11.50

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CD: How to be a Relaxed Parent

How to be a Relaxed Parent CDThis cd is to support parents after the birth of their baby. Sometimes it is difficult to feel relaxed with a new baby, and sleep patterns are disturbed, having no control over this can leave us feeling overwhelmed and unhappy at times.

By listening daily to affirmations and choosing a relaxation track, energy will be restored and a sense of balance and peace of mind restored.

Babies love the effects of parents who relax regularly, and families are happier as a result.

How to be a Relaxed Parent - relaxation CD
Price: £10 plus £1.50 postage and packing. Total to pay = £11.50

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CD: How to De-stress Yourself

This is a cd which helps you to start off your  day really positively. A 20 minute track which ensures you feel prepared and ready for the day ahead.

There is also a power nap track and a pre sleep track. When you listen to this frequently, you will find that you are more organised, productive and calmer. This can only be good!

How to De-stress Yourself - relaxation CD
Price: £10 plus £1.50 postage and packing. Total to pay = £11.50




Simon Copp craniosacral therapist and founder of taunton birth forum www.liquidlight62.co.uk and email liquidlight62@yahoo.co.uk

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Mothers Voice - www.mothersvoice.org.uk

Wendy Teasdill, Pregnancy Yoga teacher, British Wheel of Yoga Pregnancy Yoga Module Tutor and Diploma Course Tutor, author of `Yoga for Pregnancy' (Gaia Books) - www.teasdill.com

Claire Dolby DO. RCST Craniosacral Therapist/Prenatal and birth facilitator
01823 400760 or Marlborough House 01823 272227
"I work with families before and after birth helping to resolve any trauma still affecting baby and parents. I also work with adults in small groups assisting resolution of prenatal or birth issues."

Liz Gunn
NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor, Breastfeeding Peer Support trainer and coordinator Midwife. 01884 250010 - lizgunn@talktalk.net

Davina Pickering: Monthly Motherhood Gatherings in Taunton - an enriching afternoon to meet up with other mums and their babies. Contact Davina on 07970221259 or email davina.pickering@virgin.net

Hilary Cole  ITEC, MAR, CThA - www.hilarycoleholistics.com
01823 284474.hilaryreflexologist@hotmail.com 
"I offer aromatherapy, massage, reflexology and infant massage lessons.  I specialise in maternity treatments." 

Susie Peeler - 01823 284001 - susiep@dsl.pipex.com
"I am an antenatal teacher with the NCT I run evening classes in Taunton which prepare couples for labour and early parenting."

Lisa Watts - www.lisawattspainclinic.co.uk
Craniosacral Therapist, Infant Massage Instructor, Eft Practitioner

Simon Copp: Cranio Sacral Therapist
Tel: 01823 350945 Email: cuppacoppi@yahoo.co.uk

Jane Foxon, Nutritional Therapist - www.nutritional-medicine.co.uk
Tel:  01823 256836 Email:jane@nutritional-medicine.co.uk
“I can help make sure you are getting the right nutrients for optimal pre-conceptual health, pregnancy and breast feeding.  I can also give advice on weaning and how to encourage your toddlers or older children to eat their veg.” 

Victoria Watson and Sarah Hitchens, Taunton Community Acupuncture Centre, Bath Place, Taunton (next door to Brendon Books)
Tel: 01823 259324 Web: www.tauntonacupuncture.com
"We are an affordable acupuncture clinic that offers treatment and care
for women with fertility issues, during IVF, pregnancy and post-natal

Stress management & Life Coaching for confidence, self esteem and assertiveness - bringing your potential to life!  Visit www.cjmtherapies.com for more information. 

Honor Ballantyne, Reflexologist, Reiki, Thai foot & holistic massage.
Web: www.honor-healinghands.co.uk

Patricia Whitworth - Active Birth & Pregnancy Yoga, Birth Preparation for
, Doula, Motherhood Gatherings
"I work with women and couples running classes and workshops in Exeter and Taunton."
Web: www.birthwise.net Tel: 01392 438586 and 07969373802

Babies Know - Courses for parents to be in pregnancy and for parents with children up to 7 by a brilliant group of experts and led by Kitty Hagenbach, with Yehudi Gordon, Helen Biscoe Taylor and Harriet Sharkey.
Web: www.babiesknow.com

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